Lava Rock charm bracelet set
Lava Rock charm bracelet set
Lava Rock charm bracelet set

Lava Rock charm bracelet set

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Scent by Heaven is bring you this beautiful natural lava rock bracelets set one symbolizing the 7 sacred Chakra: The Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye, and Crown Chakra. The seven chakras are conduits of the secret energy flowing through our bodies. this days the seven chakras are a mystery for many people .but for those who have become aware of how this energy flows through their bodies they have improve their health, and life overall. The lava rocks are 100% natural and can absorbed any essential oil or fragrance of your choice. the second bracelet work as a powerful energy  and charm enhancer choose from Jade, Rose Quartz or Amethyst, this bracelets are a powerful combination of aromatherapy and  mystical energy and unisex, can be wear every day, a beautiful gift for your friends, family, kids any person you care about. 


15 Natura lava rocks

7 color chakra semi-precious  beads

  • Amethyst: symbolize the Crown Chakra- Universal consciousness, All Knowing, Cosmic Connection.
  • Lapis Lazuli: Symbolize the Third Eye- Telepathy, Astral Travel, Visions, Connections to Higher Self.
  • Turquoise: Symbolize the Throat Chakra- Communication, Self-Expression, Listening, Speaking, Writing.
  •  Green King Stone: Symbolize the Heart Chakra- Love, Understanding, Trust, Hope, Compassion, Forgiveness.
  •  Tiger Eye: Symbolize the Solar Plexus- Personal Power, Will, Energy, Happiness, Self Esteem.
  • Amber: Symbolize the Sacral Chakra- Emotions, Relationships, Sexuality, Self Worth, Creativity.
  • Red Agate: Symbolize the Root Chakra- Grounding, Stability, Security, Survival, Material World.

the second bracelet is handmade with 23 natural semi-precious beads, and random yoga inspiration charm.

Jade with Aum charm: this semi-precious stone is known  for its healing properties supporting physical healing, purity, harmony, luck. The Charm Aum is the most common and sacred symbol within different  spiritual traditions.

Amethyst with Buddha charm: This semi-precious stone is known for its healing properties of balancing energy, sleep support, physical healing, stress, anxiety. The Buddha charm means the "awakened one" and represents the founder of Buddhism.

Rose Quartz with Lotus Flower : This semi-precious stone is known for its healing properties Love, cleanse of bad energy, friendship, self-love. The lotus Flower charm is a traditional symbol for yoga represent our ability to bloom and overcome obstacles.

Ensamble with a elastic cord inner length is 6.7 inches. 2 flat brass spacers. handmade.

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