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Meditation crystal box

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Everything you need to start your meditation & crystal collection or clear your space from negative energies. 

Bring peace and balance to your life with this little box filled with a lot of positive energy. The box includes a dry white sage stick to burn, clear and bless your house or space before or after meditation a beautiful 2oz. Tin candle, to burn during your meditation, and after your candle is consumed you can use the practical tin vessel to storage some of your crystal safely.

The box also includes a small meditation candle, 7 chakras pendulum , 7 chakras loose stones, a Selenite wand also perfect to clean and purify your space, 5 raw stones that you can carry with you to channel and absorb the energy around you,

We also included a beautiful 7 chakras bracelet to wear and Chanel your energy, the bracelet is made with lava rocks the you can add your essential oils and wear your fragrance every where you go.