Wax waffle cone bowls for dessert candles

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Size 6 pack

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Create a new level of dessert candles.
Our wax waffle cone bowl is self-standing just like a pillar candle. You can create any type of ice cream Sunday design that reflect your creativity.
Each wax waffle cone bowl are lightly vanilla caramel scented and colored to resemble a real crunchy, caramel looking waffle cone bowl.
This item is made using our own pillar soy wax blend. The same we use for our wax sprinkles and many of our products.
This waffle bowls has all the strength to hold the heat for a long period of time just like paraffin, and the clean burn of a natural wax like soy wax. The color tone of the wax waffle cone may vary, some maybe little darker color as each piece is made individually and different batches.

Weight: 1.5 oz.
Top: 4½ inches
Base: 1⅙ inch
Height: 2 inches
Capacity: 4oz

Available in: set of 6 wax waffle cone bowl.
12 pieces wax waffle cone bowl

As professional candle maker we encourage all our customers to test their creations before selling them. We suggest using a single CD wick size 12or 14. (This suggestion is made base on our own testing result and waxes)
MADE IN THE USA - Just add a wick ,wax, fruit and gel and voila instant Sunday ice cream.

******** Please note **********

We take extreme caution when packing and shipping our wax waffle cone bowls but cannot guarantee that they will arrive in perfect condition. Waffles may arrive cracked or broken and we do not offer replacements or credit for broken waffles.